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Keep it up!

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Where's Surah 26

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Dear Heavenly Order, I am sure surat 87 is Surah Al A'la not Al Mutafifin right?

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I made this hurriedly (15-30 minutes). There are also inside parallelism between two mirrored sections which I didn't write (like jahiliyyah tabarruj in F and hijab in F') . You probably already noticed what I found but am going to put it anyway.

A. don't follow kuffar and munafiq v1

B.follow his wahy and trust him v2-3

C. good conduct v4-6

D. covenant from prophets (like musa) v7-8

E. battle with disbelievers and betrayal of hypocrites v9-27

F. prophet's family 28-35

G. about marriage 36-37

I. seal of prophets 38-40

X. Worship Allah and believers in jannah 41-44

I. prophet is witness.... 45-48

G. about marriage 49-52

F. prophet's family 53-59

E. disbelivers and hypocrites in hereafter v60-68

D. don't be like insulter of musa v69

C. speak truly/fairly v70-71

B. mankind decided to bear his amanah v72

A. Allah will punish munafiq and mushrik v73

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