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What this is NOT

Sometimes it is easier to define a thing by its opposite. First and foremost, I am NOT a scholar.

Therefore, this is NOT a tafsīr (scholarly interpretation) of the Quran. I am not remotely qualified to attempt to interpret the words of Allah ﷻ. This is simply a humble attempt to dismantle a common myth about the Quran, i.e., that the Quran appears to be “disjointed”, “unorganized” and “random”.

I will demonstrate the structure of the suwar (pl. of surah) on both a macro-level – how the sūrah is organized overall – as well as a micro-level – how the āyāt (pl. of āyah) are organized within the sūrah.

I could be completely wrong in how I present the structuring of some suwar, which is why I am calling these “observations.” This study of the Quran is based on individual reflection, therefore I will make no conclusions based on my layout. I pray that qualified scholars use my work to do so.

The information will be gathered from a number of sources:

  • Research papers

  • Books

  • Lectures

  • Personal reflections

I will cite my sources as best I can and I hope to clearly explain my reasoning on why I display the organization of a sūrah the way I do.

May Allah ﷻ accept my attempt to demystify His words and may you all benefit from my efforts.

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Exploring the Divine Structure and Coherence of the Quran. Join us as we dismantle the myth of the "disjointed" and "random" organization of Islam's Revealed Text.


Exploring the Divine Structuring of the Quran. Helping to dismantle the myth of a "disjointed", "unorganized" and "random" Word of Allah (God) I work full-time, but I study part time at Institute of Knowledge's seminary program.