Sūrah Yā-Sīn (Part 2)

Part 2 of observations on how Sūrah Yā-Sīn is organized in the Quran

Last week we explored the first part of the structure of Sūrah Yā-Sīn (Yā-Sīn). This week we’ll continue to part 2 and observe how āyāt 13-32 create their own ring structure.

Recall we ended Part 1 with mention of the 3 types of guidance:

  1. From in Front - Lessons from the observable world

  2. From Behind - Lessons from history

  3. From Above - Lessons from the unseen

Passage #2 - Lessons From History (The Wall Behind Them)

Part 2 focuses on the second of these avenues for guidance; history. Specifically, we’ll look at how this passage highlights the disbeliever’s refusal to learn from the past.


Section 2A/2A’

Allah ﷻ begins the section by giving us an example of a town who had messengers sent to it. The corresponding passage addresses those who reject the messengers. It’s as if this section (2A’) is rhetorically asking “How many other towns are there? How many more examples do you need?”

Section 2B/2B’

Section 2B describes the messengers speaking softly and lovingly to their audiences’ ears. In response the disbelievers mocked and cursed them. As a consequence of their misdeeds (2B’), they are destroyed by a loud cry that brings death.

Section 2C

This section beautifully transitions between sections A and B. It describes a man who came from the furthest part of the city (Section A) and delivered a message (Section B).

واللَّهُ أَعلَم - And Allah knows best




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